About Us

The Brain Injury Network is an information source for people with Acquired Brain Injury and their families and friends. Much of the content of this site was developed by survivors of Acquired Brain Injury.

This website was developed by Rehab, an international organisation providing services including brain injury services. Support was provided for this project by Covidien.

Covidien has been a supporter of Rehab for many years, both in the provision of employment opportunities to clients of RehabCare and as a valued customer of Rehab Enterprises. Covidien is delighted to collaborate with Rehab for the launch of the Acquired Brain Injury website. Through the Covidien Partnership for Neighbourhood Wellness, Covidien is committed to contributing to the availability of affordable, quality healthcare around the world. The Company provides funds for local programs that support care and treatment for specific diseases and injuries and address the needs of the communities in which it operates. Identifying worthy projects and being in the position to assist organisations such as Rehab is a real privilege. We’re looking forward to working with Rehab as the website develops.

Rehab Group Rehab Group is an international organisation providing services to over 43,000 people in Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands and Poland. Rehab provides Brain Injury Services through its National Learning Network, RehabCare and Momentum Skills divisions. Rehab has more than 20 years’ experience providing services to people with an Acquired Brain Injury.

Quest Brain Injury Services Based in Galway, Quest Brain Injury Services is a community-based rehabilitative programme which helps people and their families in rebuilding lives following a brain injury. The Quest multidisciplinary team includes, Lifeskills, Cognitive, IT, Occupational and Creative Therapy Instructors as well as a Resource Teacher, Occupational Therapist, Registered Psychologist and Neuropsychologist. Programmes address such areas as brain injury awareness, behaviour management, literacy and numeracy, communication and job-seeking skills. Training is accredited by the Further Education and Training Award Council (FETAC) and the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL). Central to Quest’s service is an individualised approach to rehabilitative training. This approach enables service users to achieve their identified goals within a supportive environment.

Further Information: Quest Brain Injury Services, Tel (091) 778 850, Email: Quest@NLN.ie

Momentum- Acquired Brain Injury ServicesMomentum- Acquired Brain Injury Services has more than 15 years experience supporting individuals who have sustained an Acquired Brain Injury, and their carers, across Scotland and England. The main aims of Momentum Scotland’s Brain Injury services include: a) Supporting people through the stages of rehabilitation, commencing on their return to the community on discharge from hospital, through to assisting with vocational issues. b) Providing advice and information to people who have sustained a brain injury and their families, working in partnership with other organisations to ensure the needs of each individual are met. c) Working towards providing a more effective and co-ordinated support service for individuals who have sustained an Acquired Brain Injury and their families.