Will the Brain Recover?

Unlike other cells in the human body, brain cells do not regenerate when they are destroyed. However, the brain does appear to recover quite spontaneously. The pattern of recovery is usually one of rapid gains in the first six months, then a plateau, then further but less obvious gains in the following years.

It is not precisely understood how the brain recovers but research suggests that the brain, particularly the younger brain, is flexible. Remarkably, it tries to reorganise itself in an attempt to regain lost function.

It is the case that no matter how extensive the rehabilitation is, there will always be a limit to its effectiveness. One hears the phrase “every brain injury is different”, just as every person who suffers one is different.

The degree of recovery will be influenced by many factors including the nature and degree of the brain damage and the age and lifestyle of the injured person. However, amazing gains can be made even after the most severe brain injury.