– Disinhibition & Impulsivity

In parallel with a loss of emotional control, brain injury can also result in a loss of behavioural control causing disinhibition and impulsive behaviour. The ABI survivor will often say and do exactly what they feel without being aware of the possible consequences.

This is because in the early stages of recovery they no longer have the ability to judge situations which can lead to socially-inappropriate behaviour, such as making inappropriate and personal remarks, being over-familiar with strangers, using abusive and crude language or generally behaving in an unpredictable way. This behaviour can be distressing for family and friends alike as well as potentially dangerous for the individual. It can be difficult to control because they lack awareness and might demand immediate gratification. Most people are able to regain behavioural control and re-learn socially-appropriate ways of behaving, though some, with a severe injury, may continue to make inappropriate remarks or be over-familiar.